Title:  “Abstract Illusionism™ in Furniture 1”

Form: Console table

Materials: Locally Harvested figured hard and soft maple and a combination of “old stock” and small fragments of exotic hardwoods specially cut into 1/8” veneer to include: Maple Acer saccharuma, Burl Brown Mallee Eucalyptus dumosa, Macassar Ebony Diospyrus ebenum, American Black Walnut Juglans nigra, Wenge Millettia laurentii, Zebrawood, Red Mallee Eucalyptus dumosa, Mahogany, Swietenia mahogoni,  Bubinga Guibourtia demeusei,, Kingwood Dalbergia cearensis,  Tulipwood Dalbergia frutescens,  Bloodwood Brosium rudescens, Ceylon Satinwood Chloroxylon swietenia, Ziricote Cordia dodecandra, European cherry Prunus avium, Padauk Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Black and White Ebony Diospyros embryopteris and  Teak Tectona grandis.

Construction: Solid maple for frames and legs, hand cut mortise and tenons for frame, specially sawed 1/8” veneer for the tops and skirts.

Size: 50” length 16” width 32 1/8” tall

Philosophy: We designed this piece to be functional while at the same time we wanted the maple veneer to act as a freshly gessoed canvas and our inlayed wood to be the paint on that canvas representing the “Abstract Illusionism movement of the 1970’s.  The wood used in the construction of the piece is all “old stock” which we have saved for over 30 years of collecting or from collections of “old stock” which we have purchased ensuring that we are not promoting the cutting of any LIVE Trees in the production of our work. We also retain small cut-offs to reuse in the mosaic portions of our work. These practices coupled with our use of low and moderately low VOC coating and adhesives, FSC certified substrate materials with no or very low formaldehyde, and our electric is provided by photovoltaic cell panels  are considered to follow Leed Platinum, Gold, and Silver Certification Guidelines as well as Green Practices, and Best Practices.

Exhibitions: Displayed during a non-Juried Show at the Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, Md. in 2015, Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show 2014 and 2016, Craft Boston Show in 2016, The Blue River Gallery in Breckenridge Colorado in 2016, and the AD20/21 Fine Art Show in 2017.

Effort: The layout and fabrication of this table required 140 hours to complete.

Meaning or Importance of Material: The meaning of the various woods used varies within the communities and cultures where the trees grow and are harvested. Many of the exotic woods have been revered their figured grain and color by furniture makers for100’s of years. The use of small fragments and solid wood of “old stock” means that we are not promoting the harvesting of live trees.