Title: “Convergence”


Year Work was completed: 2017


Form: A center table


Materials: All old stock domestic and imported woods, Richlite Black Diamond made from 100% FSA certified recycled paper, Plyboo, Birch veneer plywood, Macassar Ebony, Vermillion, quilted Makore, pure silver leaf, oil sizing, rare earth magnets, fish glue, and moderately low VOC conversion varnish.  


Construction: Hand cut diagonal dados reinforced with blind tenons for the vertical and diagonal base elements, stainless steel support plate joined to the top and vertical supports with screws and bolts. The diagonal element that has a separate removable piece attached to the top with inset rare earth magnets is gilded with pure silver leaf and oil sizing. The entire table is coated with 8 layers of a moderately low VOC conversion varnish and hand rubbed to a high gloss. 


Size: Center table 40.5” diameter and 30.5” high.


Philosophy: We designed this table to function as a center table while creating an Abstract Expressionistic sculpture reminiscent of the works of Mark di Suvero and David Smith as well as some of the paintings of William di Koonig. The use of the contrasting colored woods represent paint colors used by painters of the period; while the silver leaf represents the aluminum so often associated with Abstract Expressionistic sculptures of the period. The use of “Old Stock” exotic imported woods in the construction of the piece in combination with the use of Richlite Black Diamond and the Plyboo panels and that all of the power for our shop is supplied by photovoltaic cell (Solar) panels. These facts all contribute to this piece qualifying for Leed Platinum Building Practices, Green Practices, and Best Practices.


Exhibitions: The center table had its debut at the Baltimore Fine Craft Show, which is part of the Baltimore Fine Art and Antiques Show in September 2017 and Bold Summit Conference in Chicago in September 2017.  


Effort: The Design, layout and fabrication of this table required 205 hours to complete. 

Meaning or Importance of Material:  Silver is the metal associated with the moon. It is a reflective material, which is used to mirror the soul and bring a person to a calming and balanced state. In native cultures it was also used to connect to the powers of the moon in lunar ceremonies. It is a protective metal associated with the protection from negative energies. Macassar Ebony is associated with all five elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit. It is noted for its magical property to invoke change, balance, and good luck.  The well-known writer, Scott Cunningham, states:  "Ebony wood is protective and so is used in making amulets and wands giving the magician pure, unadulterated power." This wood may be used by those seeking spiritual knowledge and exploring intuition and emotion. It has also been associated with healing powers. Makore is a powerful wood that receives its power from the elements for fire and earth and can be used to improve life. Padauk or Vermilion as it is often known is gain a powerfully energetic wood that possess strong healing energies. Trees are living beings with great power and energy. Native Americans, often referred to trees as the “Standing People.” Each variety of tree has special gift and lesson to share with humankind. Even long after a tree has been cut down and processed to make furniture; it still retains some of its vibrational energy. The lessons of the trees live on among the wood furnishings in our homes.