Title:  “Directions” 

Year work was completed: 2016

Form: Executive Desk

Materials: Bubinga mottled, Chechen mottled, Mahogany African ribbon stripe and Honduran, Makore mottled, Purpleheart, Rosewood Brazilian, Vermilion, and ½”and ¾” mahogany veneer core FSC certified plywood. 
 Construction:  Hand cut dovetails in our signature pattern to attach the pedestal frames, lap dovetails to secure the two support stretchers, blind mortise and tenons to secure the medial support, Dados for alignment of the center brace, tongue and groove joints for the skirt cap, and wood screws to secure the top to the trestle stile frame. All the joints were secured with fish glue. The custom cut 1/8th” veneer was cut from “old stock” fragments and small boards which we have collected for over 30 years and were secured with fish glue. 
Size:  Length 66.25” x Width 30.75” x height 30.25”

Philosophy: We designed the executive desk to make a distinct statement about the person who is sitting behind it, with the diagonals and triangles pointing to the center of seated area of the desk. At the same time, we wanted it to be an intertwining of both the two and the three dimensional art with its two dimensional inlay and its three dimensional sculptural elements are based on the Abstract Expressionism and Abstract Illusionism art movements of the 20th century.   We also wanted this desk to represent the finest traditional craftsmanship and ingenuity inspired by the great artisan of the 18th and 19th centuries, in particular, the work of the Gillow’s Firm London. There are three secret compartment hidden within the case with one accessed through a mechanical locking system active with the sculptural paper weight. The wood used in the construction of the piece is all “old stock” which we have saved for over 30 years of collecting or from collections of “old stock” which we have purchased ensuring that we are not promoting the cutting of any LIVE Trees in the production of our work. These practices coupled with our use of low and moderately low VOC coating and adhesives, FSC certified substrate materials with no or very low formaldehyde, and our electric is provided by photovoltaic cell panels  are considered to follow Leed Platinum, Gold, and Silver Certification Guidelines as well as Green Practices, and Best Practices.
Exhibitions: The executive desk made its inaugural exhibition at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming in 2016, the American Fine Craft Show Washington DC 2016, AD 20/21 Show Boston Massachusetts 2017, ArtExpo New York City 2017, Baltimore Fine Craft Show 2017. 

Effort: The layout and fabrication of the desk required 400 hours to complete and approximately 25 square feet of Mahogany and approximately 32 square feet of custom cut 1/8th” thick veneer. 

Meaning or Importance of Material: The meaning of the various woods used varies within the communities and cultures where the trees grow and are harvested. Many of the exotic woods have been revered for their figured grain and color by furniture makers for 100’s of years. Its spiritual properties include healing of the emotions and spirit. Having this wood in your home can help you grow spiritually and provide guidance. Purple Heart (Peltogyne pubescens) Spirituality, divination, knowledge, healing and protection. Purpleheart trees can reach heights of 150 feet with a diameter of 5 feet. When first cut Purpleheart is often brown.  It does not achieve its full purple color until exposed to sunlight. However, too much exposure darkens the wood and it looses its richness. Natural Habitat - Central & South America. Rosewood is one of the most prized woods in the world. Its beautiful look and feel is excellent for carving, turning, instrument making, boxes, furniture, and of luxury flooring. Natural Habitat - Central America.  Bubinga, (Guibourtia demeusei)
Love, spirituality, healing, divination, intuition and insight. Bubinga trees grow near rivers, streams and swamps.  Besides the base properties, Bubinga is a good wood for overall general spell work as it has extremely positive energies. Natural Habitat - African Tropics Wood Hardness – 1980. Makore, a powerful wood which feeds off the elements of fire and earth. Requires a companion of strength. Can be used to improve life or destroy it. Excellent for white or dark magic. Mahogany, Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties.  It is an excellent wood for emotional and spiritual healing though since it is a brittle wood is best used as a band on a ring rather than as a main wood.