Title:  “In support of the gift that is the tree”

Year work was completed: 2016

Form: Tripod occasional/side table

Materials: American black walnut figured slabs, artist oil base paint, French pale gold leaf, Palladium leaf, oil sizing, artist oil paints, and moderately low VOC conversion varnish.

Construction:  Blind and through wedged mortice and tenon joints to join the legs to the book matched slab top and blind spline to join the slabs for the top.

Size:  Length 27” x Width 24” x height 28 ¼”

Philosophy: We designed the table to be a functional piece that is also a work of sculpture that embodies carved, painted, and guiled surfaces. The three legs represent three human abstracted figures supporting the highly figured book matched top which symbolizes the beauty, majesty, and individuality of the tree. The carving represents stylized variations in natural bark and rocks/earth that are guiled to represent the earth’s richness. The wood used in the construction of the piece is all “old stock” domestic and exotic woods thereby not promoting the cutting of live and or endangered species. This coupled with the use of low VOC adhesives, moderately low VOC coatings, and our electricity is supplied via photovoltaic cell solar panels follows LEED Gold and Silver Certification Guidelines as well as Green Practices, and Best Practices.

Exhibitions: The table debuted at the American Fine Craft Show in Washington DC on October 2016 and the AD20/21 Fine Art Show in April 2017.

Effort: The layout and fabrication of this table required 70 hours to complete.

Meaning: “Native American teachings speak of trees as 'The Standing People'.

These Native teachings speak of the special lessons and gifts each Standing Person has to give humankind.  Walnut teaches us clarity and focus, using our mental gifts wisely and how to best use our intelligence. Walnuts activate hidden wisdom within our own life circumstances. Its appearance alerts us to pay attention. We will begin to hear and see things that have been going on around us but had not noticed before.” From Touch Wood Rings

“Walnut helps us make transitions of all kinds. This is reflected in its protective shell. We are less sensitive to the changes occurring. Its energies are often catalytic in the manner in which changes will manifest. The walnut reminds us that - if allowed to play out - all changes will be of benefit. The walnut cleans and strengthens auric field so we can see clearly what needs to be changed and how to accomplish it from the clearest perspective possible.” “Walnut holds the power of rebirth and when it becomes a totem or messenger, the esoteric aspects of death and rebirth become predominant for at least a year in our life. A staff or wand of walnut in meditation and magical practices reveals apply these mysteries constructively within our life.”

“The walnut spirit awakens freedom of spirit, telling us it is time to break free of the cocoon. It will even herald the coming of opportunities to follow our own unique path in life. Whether we follow through on such opportunities is a free will decision, but walnut's appearance in our life is often strong encouragement to do so. Walnut is a tree of initiating and initiation. The key is to be true to one's self when aligning with these energies. Self-deception and delusion result in chaotic disruption instead of creative transition.” From Spiritual Lodge