Title:  “In Honor of Mondrian”

Year work was completed: 2017

Form: Coffee Table

Materials: Table frame: Abet Laminati Strafificato 12mm Code 410 solid surface composite, ½” ribbon stripe mahogany veneer, Richlite Black Diamond paper based composite material, lacquer based paint, and clear coat.

Construction:  Mortice and tenons for the joinery between the Strafificato and Mahogany laminated top and laminated legs and between the laminated skirt and laminated legs; Richlite’s Black Diamond inset into the Strafificato top, skirt, and legs. The adhesives used in the production of the table were fish glue. 

Size:  Length 35.875””x Width 35.875” x Height 20.375” 

Philosophy: We designed this very functional and visually stimulating table to be a three dimensional painting honoring the amazing work of the famed Dutch De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian using 21st century materials. We interpreted a number of his paints from the “Composition” group and “Tableau” to formulate a unique interpretation that embodies his use of primary colors framed within intersecting black lines, which vary in their thickness. I think Mondrian’s own words describe the feeling we were attempting to capture in creating this table. "absolute harmony of straight lines and pure colors underlying the visible world." The two dimensional lines in his paintings are further emphasized when applied to a three dimensional form. This table in constructed to serve as a coffee table for many any years and in coated with a durable and user friendly coating that is easily maintained. The use of the Richlite Black Diamond and FSC Certified plywood, moderately low VOC coatings, and low VOC adhesives; as well as our electrical power is generated via photovoltaic cells is considered to follow LEED Platinum and Gold Certifications and is in keeping with Green Practices, and Best Practices. This work will never be replicated by us as a work of functional fine art, but maybe reinterpreted in another form or composition with a separate unique title.

Exhibitions: The coffee table will have its debut at ArtExpo in NYC in 2017.

Effort: The layout and fabrication of the coffee table required 125 hours to complete and approximately 25 square feet of Strafificato, 20 square feet of plywood, and 10 Square feet of Richlite Black Diamond.

Meaning or Importance of Material: The use of the Abet Laminati Strafificato and Richlite’s Black Diamond solid surface composition panels bring 21st century technological advanced and Eco-conscious products into the production of a functional piece of fine art honoring the work of the master.