Title:  “Intersections”

Year work was completed: 2016

Form: Occasional Table

Materials: Hard Maple, Black Diamond Richlite, and Plyboo.

Construction: The four legs are tenoned into the top, the four feet are tenoned into the legs, the RichLite Black Diamond legs are laminated, some of the Plyboo legs and diagonals are mitered and blind splined, the diagonal elements are dadoed into the legs, and there are six layers of a moderately low VOC varnish.

Size:  Length 24” x Width 24” x height 28”

Philosophy: We designed the occasional table to be a functional piece of fine art that embodies the work of Gerritt Rietveld, particularly the “Red and Blue Chair”, and the Neo-Plasticism Movement of 1918 in the Netherlands. It also follows LEED platinum certification with its use of all “old stock” wood; Richlite Black Diamond, which is made from 100% recycled FSA certified paper; Plyboo, which is made from sustainable bamboo; and low VOC coatings and adhesives.

Exhibitions: The table debuted at the Blue River Gallery in Breckenridge Colorado in June 2016. Followed by an exhibition entitled “Interiors” at the Strathmore, 2017, AD20/21 Fine Art Show Boston.

Effort: The layout and fabrication of this table required 115 hours to complete.

Meaning or Importance of the Materials: The materials were chosen for their contrast in color and movement of grain causing opposing directions, which are emphasized by the angles of the intersecting diagonal elements. The red color of the ends of the diagonal elements was chosen for its stark contrast to the Black Diamond and the variegated graining of the Plyboo as well as our recognition of Gerritt Rietveld’s and Piet Mondrian’s work using primary colors and stark contrast between elements.