As I walk through the woods or down the beach, I am surrounded by the visual gifts, which nature has provided. The interplay between the diagonal intersection of the branches of the trees, the colors and shapes of the shells and rocks lying upon the sand interspersed with the white foam all create visual inspiration for my art.

The wonderment and the Soul of the Tree has provided me with an extensive artist’s pallet from which I can paint with wood using the uniqueness of the grain characteristics as brush or pallet knife strokes. I am guided by spirit and those craftsman and artists who have come before me to, move nonfunctional and functional art to new levels, while adhering to the finest level of time tested craftsmanship.

In my life, I have seen so much waste and I do not want to discard any part of the wood board or cut down live trees to produce my art. This edict has propelled my work into the realm of Mosaic, which allows me to utilize even the smallest fragments. I use only old stock wood and sustainable materials whenever possible in the creation of all my furniture and art; always seeking out the interesting wood in a reclamation/second chance center or retied wood workers collection.

Secret Spirits
A Liquor Cabinet
Stormy Seas
Side/Occasional Table
Executive Desk
A Coming Together
Dinning Table
Center Table
Homage to Mondrian
Coffee Table
Monolithis Capicum
Side Tables
Occasional Table
In support of the gift that is the tree
Tripod occasional/side table
Coffee Table
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