Title: The Bridge Table

Year work was completed: 2009

Form:  Coffee Table

Materials: 2” thick “old stock” Cocobolo which was re-sawed and book matched with a blind spline joint.  The top and sides are joined by our trademark hand cut dovetail pattern.  The solid block 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum was machined with a CNC for the stretcher cross brace that is through tenoned and wedged to the sides. 

Construction: This is a coffee style table constructed from Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) and CNC machined 6061 brushed aluminum.                   

Size: The table measures 53.65” side to side, 15.75” front to back, and 20.75” height.


Philosophy: The design of The Bridge Table was inspired when I viewed the George Washington Bridge in New York City, from the upper floors of the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in upper Manhattan as my youngest daughter was recovering from a serious life threatening illness. This table is in honor of my daughter’s life and is hers.


Exhibitions: The table was exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Show ICFF in New York at the Javits Center in 2010, The Delaplaine Center for Visual Arts, Frederick, Md. in 2014, The Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show 2014.  

Effort: The layout and fabrication of this armchair required 65 hours to complete and approximately 15 board feet of solid ten quarter “old stock lumber that is 50 plus years old.


Meaning or Importance of Material: Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and is obtained primarily from bauxite. Aluminum is said to reflect incoming energies and has protective properties. Cocobola a member of the Dalbergia/rosewood family which has been revered for its figured, grain, and color by furniture makers for 100’s of years. The use of solid wood of “old stock” means that we are not promoting the harvesting of live trees and that wood of this size and species is no longer commercially available.